Lukáš was born 1981 in Prague, Czech Republic. He studied at Cinematography department of FAMU in Prague. During his studies he was selected for Budapest Cinematography Masterclass led by Vilmos Zsigmond, A.S.C. and Kyoto Filmmakers Lab held in Toei Movie Studios. 2013 he graduated from FAMU with Olmo Omerzu's feature film “A Night Too Young” (selected for Berlinale - Forum). His recent filmography includes recognized feature films (Olmo Omerzu's “Family Film” and “Winter Flies” or Ondrej Prvazník's and Martin Dušek's "Old-Timers"), documentaries (Jan Gebert's “When the War Comes” or Martin Dušek's “Into the Clouds We Gaze”) as well as collaboration with artists Mark Ther and Lucy Beech.

Awards and nominations:

2020  Czech Lion Award  -  nomination  -  for "Oldtimers"

2019    Czech Lion Award  -  nomination  -  for "Winter Flies"

2018    Golden Camera at Manaki Brothers Film Festival  -  nomination  -  for "Winter Flies"

2017    Czech Film Critics Award  -  nomination  -  for "Family Film"
2015    "Family Film" in competition at Ostrava Kamera Oko Cinematographers Film Festival
2014    Best Short Film in National Competition at Ostrava Kamera Oko Cinematographers Film Festival  -  for "Pevnost"
2012    Czech Film Critics Award  -  nomination /with Martin Štrba/  -  for "Odpad, mesto, smrt"
2012    Czech Lion Award  -  nomination /with Martin Štrba/ -  for "Odpad, mesto, smrt"



2021    "ATLAS PTÁKŮ / THE BIRD ATLAS"  -  directed by Olmo Omerzu

2019    "STARÍCI / OLDTIMERS"  -  directed by Ondrej Provazník and Martin Dušek

2018    "NONSTOP LAHŮDKY"   /TV film/  -  directed by Jan Hrebejk

2018    "VŠECHNO BUDE  / WINTER FLIES"  -  directed by Olmo Omerzu
2015    "RODINNÝ FILM / FAMILY FILM"  -  directed by Olmo Omerzu
2012    "PRÍLIŠ MLADÁ NOC / NIGHT TOO YOUNG"  -  directed by Olmo Omerzu
              -  directed by Jan Hrebejk /cinematographed with Martin Štrba/      



2018    "AŽ PRIJDE VÁLKA / WHEN THE WAR COMES"  -  directed by Jan Gebert
2017    "H*ART ON"  -  directed by Andrea Culková
2014    "K OBLAK
ŮM VZHLÍŽÍME / INTO THE CLOUDS WE GAZE"  -  directed by Martin Dušek
2014    "RESORT"  -  directed by Martin Hrubý
2014    "GOTTLAND"  -  directed by Rozálie Kohoutová
2010    "PRAISE THE SEA, STICK TO THE SHORE"  -  directed by Ivan Marinovic
2008   "VELMISTR"  -  directed by Rozálie Kohoutová


2021   "POSLEDNÍ DEN PATRIARCHÁTU"  -  directed by Olmo Omerzu

2018    "REPRODUCTIVE EXILE"  -  directed by Lucy Beech

2018    "MITSU"  -  directed by Mark Ther

2017    "ANNA"  -  directed by Petra Príborská
2013    "PEVNOST"  -  directed by Olmo Omerzu
2013    "DÍRA"  -  directed by Lukáš Kokeš
2012    "ENKEL"  -  directed by Mark Ther
2011     "DAS WANDERNDE STERNLEIN"  -  directed by Mark Ther       
2010    "PRÍZNAKY"  -  directed by Tomasz Winski       
2009   "PRUVODKYNE"  -  directed by Asmara Beraki
2008   "DRUHÉ DEJSTVÍ"  -  directed by Olmo Omerzu         
2006   "LÁSKA"  -  directed by Olmo Omerzu
2006   "ZATMENÍ"  -  directed by Tomáš Weinreb